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101 (also given as Gerard, Gerrard, Garrard) Gerrard, Sarah (I11704)
102 (also given as Harry W. Shields) Shields, Harry Burnett (I16269)
103 (also given as Hext) Heft, Fred W. (I9087)
104 (also given as John W. Prout in Orio cemetery listings for his children, Maria Prout and Edward Nelson Prout) PROUT, John T. (I4754)
105 (also given as Mahlon Schooly) Sculy, Malen (I16416)
106 (also given as Mar 19) TUCKER, Horace Henry (I884)
107 (also given as Mary J) Hall, Marian J. Bertha (I2285)
108 (also given as May 1868) Cromartie, Charles Duncan (I1140)
109 (also given as Mayde) CROMARTIE, Maude (I1062)
110 (also given as Mirah with surname as Vorhies and other) Voorhes, Maria (I16094)
111 (Also given as Mittie) THORN, Meitty (I9703)
112 (Also given as Octavy & Octaby.) Egnor, Octavia (I4552)
113 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. COUCH, Ora Alice (I2284)
114 (also given as Pennsylvania in the census) Voorhes, Maria (I16094)
115 (also given as Reetha Ann...but Retha E. is on her gravestone) Given, Retha Ethel (I2082)
116 (also given as Ruth Ann) Boggess, Cornelia Ruth (I10653)
117 (also given as Stellar) Cromartie, Stella Mae (I1147)
118 (also given as Stevens) Stephens, Elizabeth Emily (I15914)
119 (also given as surname Briane) Bryant, Mary Polly (I5063)
120 (also given as Tharp) Thorp, Elizabeth M. (I14553)
121 (also given as Tharp) Thorp, Henry T. (I14568)
122 (also given as Theabold Kibler) Kibler, Theobald (I8746)
123 (also given as Upper Cleek Cemetery) - It's also possible, based on family notes, that he is buried on the old farm on Jackson Creek rather than in this place. Given, William (I9159)
124 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Setliff, Verlan Arber (I5308)
125 (also given in death index as born 1885) Hinman, Wilmer (I15964)
126 (also given: Judith "Juda", and Judy) Lilly, Juda (I7402)
127 (also Golsberry, Goldsberry) ADKINS, Golzaberry (I5452)
128 (also Kerns) Kurns, John Willie (I8125)
129 (also known as Fort Compton Cemetery) Skaggs, Mary Lena (I4536)
130 (Also known as Pugh-Greear Cemetery) White, Mary (I10071)
131 (also later called Lutishia) Plumley, Titia (I16527)
132 (also listed as born 1802) CROMARTIE, William (I1040)
133 (also listed as Mary E. Bradley) Bradley, Marietta E. (I13044)
134 (Also listed in Bump-Compton Cemetery, Keensburg, Wabash Co, IL.) Compton, Lt. Elijah Commodore (I12368)
135 (Also listed in census as born in Ohio) Sperry, Clarinda (I13487)
136 (also Margaretta, Margaret) Abell, Marguerite F. (I16137)
137 (also Mary A.)


Submitter: Esthermae Litherland Rooke (
Date: 18 Aug 1999

We are trying to find the church Sarah Fredia Strohmeier and Nye Litherland were married. We have the minister, Leo or Lou J. Ehrhardt. The date in the Register of Marriages is September 21, 1894. Any information is appreciated! Sarah's father, George Strohmeier, died when she was about 5 years old. Her Mother, Anna Marie (Mary A.) Kern Strohmeier remarried Paul J. Hein of Mt. Carmel. Nye Litherland's parents were William Hamilton Litherland and Susan Hall Litherland of Friendsville Prec., Wabash County, Il.

KERN, Anna Marie (I4168)
138 (also Matilda) Turley, Malinda (I16913)
139 (also Paulina) Pauley, Perlina Jane (I16906)
140 (also Peter le Poor) Calthorpe, Sir Martin Lord Mayor of London (I11775)
141 (also recorded as Abigail Harges, "New England Marriages Prior to 1700") STURGIS, Abigail (I3175)
142 (also Renard) Farrar, Raynard (I11998)
143 (also Rosa) Adkins, Rosy (I16885)
144 (also Rushey, Russi) Rushe, Caroline (I16030)
145 (also shown as Sarah) Rucker, Sally (I9249)
146 (also Silsbee, Silsby) Silsbe, Mr. Ephraim (I15043)
147 (also spelled Alfonzo) Nash, Alphonzo (I14029)
148 (also spelled Derusse) Deruize, Octavie (I6311)
149 (Also spelled Ferris) Phares, Hannah (I7325)
150 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Aldrich, Lewis Rodman Jr. (I218)

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