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151 (also known as Fort Compton Cemetery) Skaggs, Mary Lena (I4536)
152 (Also known as Pugh-Greear Cemetery) White, Mary (I10071)
153 (also later called Lutishia) Plumley, Titia (I16527)
154 (also listed as born 1802) CROMARTIE, William (I1040)
155 (also listed as Mary E. Bradley) Bradley, Marietta E. (I13044)
156 (Also listed in Bump-Compton Cemetery, Keensburg, Wabash Co, IL.) Compton, Lt. Elijah Commodore (I12368)
157 (Also listed in census as born in Ohio) Sperry, Clarinda (I13487)
158 (also Margaretta, Margaret) Abell, Marguerite F. (I16137)
159 (also Mary A.)


Submitter: Esthermae Litherland Rooke (
Date: 18 Aug 1999

We are trying to find the church Sarah Fredia Strohmeier and Nye Litherland were married. We have the minister, Leo or Lou J. Ehrhardt. The date in the Register of Marriages is September 21, 1894. Any information is appreciated! Sarah's father, George Strohmeier, died when she was about 5 years old. Her Mother, Anna Marie (Mary A.) Kern Strohmeier remarried Paul J. Hein of Mt. Carmel. Nye Litherland's parents were William Hamilton Litherland and Susan Hall Litherland of Friendsville Prec., Wabash County, Il.

KERN, Anna Marie (I4168)
160 (also Matilda) Turley, Malinda (I16913)
161 (also Paul?) Torres, Ramon (I4280)
162 (also Paulina) Pauley, Perlina Jane (I16906)
163 (also Peter le Poor) Calthorpe, Sir Martin Lord Mayor of London (I11775)
164 (also recorded as Abigail Harges, "New England Marriages Prior to 1700") STURGIS, Abigail (I3175)
165 (also Renard) Farrar, Raynard (I11998)
166 (also Reuben, Reubenune) Raeben, Eefse (I18200)
167 (also Rosa) Adkins, Rosy (I16885)
168 (also Rushey, Russi) Rushe, Caroline (I16030)
169 (also shown as Sarah) Rucker, Sally (I9249)
170 (also Silsbee, Silsby) Silsbe, Mr. Ephraim (I15043)
171 (also Smeink) Smeenk, Garrit Jan (I18199)
172 (also spelled Alfonzo) Nash, Alphonzo (I14029)
173 (also spelled Derusse) Deruize, Octavie (I6311)
174 (Also spelled Ferris) Phares, Hannah (I7325)
175 (also spelled Louis) Aldrich, Lewis Rodman Jr. (I218)
176 (also spelled Mae) King, Verna May (I69)
177 (also Vorhies & other) Voorhes, Robert (I16120)
178 (Andrew's birth given also as 13 Apr 1850) Farrar, Andrew Bass (I12026)
179 (Antioch Church Cemetery) Compton, Lydia Ann (I4548)
180 (Aquitania, Francia Franca) GOVENOR OF AQUITAINE, Bodegisel II (I6312)
181 (Arabella also given as Abbarella, Abarilla) Williams, Abigail Arabella (I12477)
182 (Arthur Asher?) Houbert, Asher (I7323)
183 (Ashley Co, AR from 1850 on) Neel, William R. (I11981)
184 (Austrasia, Francia Franca) DE TREVES, Palatina (I5922)
185 (Austrasia, Francia Franca) DE VERDUN, Walchigise (I6280)
186 (Austrasia, Francia Franca) DE TREVES, Bishop Lievin (I6285)
187 (Austrasia, Francia Franca) DE TREVES, Bishop Lievin (I6285)
188 (Austrasia, Francia Franca) COUNT DE POITIERS, Warinus (I6286)
189 (Austrasia, Francia Franca) DE AUSTRASIA, Ansegisel (I6308)
190 (baptized April 1812) FLETCHER, Elizabeth (I9330)
191 (Barlow) Barley, Thomas of Fairfield (I14811)
192 (Baulie, Berlie) Adkins, Bauden P. (I16746)
193 (believed reinterred in Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, Cook Co, IL around 1867, where a monument with hers and her family's name is given) Couch, Caroline Elizabeth (I3311)
194 (believed reinterred in Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, Cook Co, IL, around 1867) Johnson, George Bristol (I3312)
195 (believed to be the wife of Alexander born in Oban) MacKinnon, Catherine (I9322)
196 (birth also given as 1610) Fletcher, Archibald 8th Clan Chief (I8960)
197 (birth also given as 1630) Walling, Thomas I (I10076)
198 (birth also given as 19 Jun 1837) WOOD, Francis (I2804)
199 (birth also given as 30 Nov 1817) WOOD, Joseph Jr. (I3133)
200 (birth also given as 4 Feb 1917) Aldrich, Lewis Rodman Jr. (I218)
201 (birth also given as June 8) GIVEN, James Calvin (I2041)
202 (birth also given as Montgomery Co, VA) Adkins, Rickells (I8434)
203 (birth also given as PA) Young, John W. (I15089)
204 (birth previously listed as 27 AUG 1904) Couch, Rev. Kenneth Earl Sr. (I4900)
205 (birthplace of Archibald also given as Glen Orchy) Fletcher, Archibald (I2652)
206 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Rutledge, Trixie Mozellel (I9968)
207 (both the 1870 & 1880 censuses suggest her birth year as 1867) Brooks, Florence (I14539)
208 (Boyd and other spellings) Boyt, Robert (I9606)
209 (brother-in-law of the Red Comyn) Angus (I9308)
210 (buried next to Andrew Jackson Koontz) Melton, Gilbert E. (I8449)
211 (Catharine) Jourdan, Katharine (I15984)
212 (Catherine) Speier, Katharina (I8705)
213 (Celestia) WOOD, Celestine (I4965)
214 (Charron) Sharrow, Simon William (I9030)
215 (Christian Marriage) Family F26188
216 (closer look at the Bible entry at high contrast reveals the birth date for Miriam to be the 18th, rather than the reported 12th) CROMARTIE, Miriam Newell (I1079)
217 (Coal River is an area, part of lies in Lincoln County at Alum Creek.) Turley, Malinda (I16913)
218 (Colsgain? married name?) Cobb, Mary (I14301)
219 (Conf. Hospital) Farrar, Henry (I4988)
220 (Counts) Koontz, Elder John Sr. (I8673)
221 (Counts, Koontz, Coones) Cuntz, Johannes (I8764)
222 (Cynthia) Farrar, Sinthia Anne (I542)
223 (Dalmally Courtyard) MacAnleister, John 7th Clan Chief (I8961)
224 (Dalmally Courtyard) MacAnleister, Patrick 6th Clan Chief (I8972)
225 (Dalmally Courtyard) MacAnleister, Archibald McEan V'Nychole 5th Clan Chief (I8973)
226 (Dalmally Courtyard) MacAnleister, John McNychole V'Angus 3rd Clan Chief (I8974)
227 (Dalmally Courtyard) MacAnleister, Nychole 2nd Clan Chief (I8976)
228 (date is for marriage license) Family F24736
229 (daughter of Sherrod) Adkins, Elizabeth (I18632)
230 (death certificates gives "Home Cemetery" as the burial place) EGNOR, Samuel Alexander (I5055)
231 (death date also given as 1908) Lamb, Thomas Carroll (I160)
232 (death date also given as Mar 24) Litherland, Joseph T. (I3091)
233 (death previously listed as 14 Oct...21 Oct is from certificate) EGNOR, Samuel Alexander (I5055)
234 (Death record with father listed as informant, gives Martha's birth place as Monroe County; however, her birth record is in Raleigh County.) Redden, Martha E. (I14006)
235 (Dec 4, 2002 given at Riv Natl Cem) Nash, Phyllis Jean (I1990)
236 (died as a widower) Adkins, Clayborne G. (I14874)
237 (Died Feb 6 per Alexander's Bible...also given as died Feb 8, perhaps a burial date?) FAISON, Eleanor Juliet (I1130)
238 (died in infancy) Fletcher, Ronald (I9329)
239 (died in revenge attach by Cherokee) Farrar, Richard II (I11994)
240 (died near Winnipeg) MUIR, Jane (I2574)
241 (died young) MacNab (I9624)
242 (Diehl) Diehlin, Catharina (I8703)
243 (Duncan's birth date also given as July 18, but Alexander's Bible shows July 19) Cromartie, Duncan (I1078)
244 (Earldine is twin to Gearldine) Setliff, Earldine Leo (I11401)
245 (Elisabeth) Schuster, Elsa (I8780)
246 (Emiline) LITHERLAND, Emily (I4002)
247 (Escue) Eskew, Malone Ellis (I17069)
248 (Eskew) Escue, Thomas H. (I17067)
249 (Family recollection gives Mertie May as passing away on September 16. Date here is given on death certificate.) Couch, Mertie May (I71)
250 (Family recollection was that Andrew was born in Cabell County; however, his death record shows Putnam County and is undoubtedly from the memory of the informant, his son, Ray.)

Atkins, Andrew Jackson (I21)
251 (First name given as Ora, Oria, Orie, and Orrie, with last name sometimes spelled Skaggs or Scags.) Scaggs, Ora Ella (I2741)
252 (Foltz) Fultz, Catherine (I8669)
253 (Fultz, Voltz) Foltz, Johannes (I8700)
254 (Gearldine is twin to Earldine) Setliff, Gearldine Cleo (I11402)
255 (Gelders Veenendaal) Schoonderbeek, Gerarda (I17966)
256 (George Washington Tucker, son of Hiram & Cahterine Hendry Tucker) One of the unfortunate victims of the Elmira Prison Camp in NY. He was born ca 1827 in Pike Co. AL to Hiram and Catherine Hendry Tucker. He was the 13th of 15 children. Mildred Margaret Bradley's, George's wife, pension application shows the couple marrying the 10th of Dec 1849, probably in Montgomery Co. where Mildred was born 24 Dec 1831. George died in the Elmira Prison camp the 9th of Dec 1864, leaving a grieving wife and 6 small children from the ages of 14 to 2 years old. He and his people were members of the Fairview Church of Christ in Upper Crenshaw Co. AL. His brother, Ira J. Tucker and wife, Priscilla A. Dendy Tucker, gave the land for the church and cemetery. George was buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in Elmira, NY (plot #1175) and his wife was buried at the Fairview Church Cemetery. According to the Lowndes Court House by Mildred Brewer Russell, pg. 175, George was one of 2999 fatalities at the Elmira Prison Camp and was (a Private) in the 1st Alabama Infantry, Co. F (Alabama Artillery). Several men in the 1st Alabama Infantry died there.
Information source: Wynnette Tucker Welch 
TUCKER, George Washington (I1031)
257 (George's a widower at time of this marriage.) Family F1443
258 (Gespard) Graham, Jasper of Gartur (I9457)
259 (gravestone transcription gives -1899) TUCKER, Martha Samantha (I877)
260 (gravestone transcription gives 1868, aged 18.2.14...incorrectly) TUCKER, Larkin Monroe (I865)
261 (Griffith Cemetery was in VA until WV became a state.) Bryant, Mary Polly (I5063)
262 (Griffith Cemetery was in VA until WV became a state.) Massey, Lahoma Lany (I5053)
263 (Haden) Haydon Mrs. (I11086)
264 (Haynes) Hanes, Martha Jane (I17243)
265 (Herman Antoni/Anthony Speyers) Speijers, Hermanus Antonius (I4179)
266 (Hubert) Pauley, Bert (I16969)
267 (Humphrey IX) de Bohun, Sir Humphrey 7th Earl of Hereford, 6th Earl of Essex, 2nd Earl of Northampton (I7699)
268 (in Auchalader per Bernice Entail) Fletcher, Archibald (I10633)
269 (In censuses, Elizabeth is given both as born in Ohio and born in Virginia.) Elizabeth (I16210)
270 (in Glendochart, Perthshire, ascended 1336) Gillamure of Gilbert "Macnab" of Bouvain, 1st Clan Chief (I9306)
271 (in information provided, John was the only sibling to carry on the Calthrop spelling of the surname) Calthorpe, John (I11777)
272 (In the 1850 census, Catharine Waggoner is shown as head of household, with two Waggoner children (Mary A., age 3 and Susan, age 1), and William Strickland as a laborer. This makes it likely that Catharine was previously married.) Waggoner, Catharine Ann (I9761)
273 (in Thornton in North America per Bernice Entail) Fletcher, John (I10635)
274 (in undocumented family records provided, Robert begins using the surname Buckles instead of Buckle, unlike his father and siblings) Buckles, Robert Sr. (I11730)
275 (it is believed Peter died in Allegany Co, MD) Woertman, Peter Derick (I13602)
276 (It is unknown where this birth year for Elisha Doane was obtained..."The Doane Family" states the date and place of his birth are unknown.) DOANE, Elisha (I2180)
277 (James Ladue) COUCH, James Ladow (I4964)
278 (James's second marriage. Researcher notes re Allendale Cemetery records indicate they married in Illinois resided in Salem, Edwards Co, IL in 1910.) Family F27699
279 (Jamestown Muster Spelling: William fferrar) Farrar, William (I12023)
280 (Janet as mother?) Family F26713
281 (Jans Derick Woertman, John Derick Workman) Workman, Jans Derick (I13586)
282 (Joseph) Koontz, Johannes (I8769)
283 (Judith was the aunt of President Jefferson) Jefferson, Judith (I12012)
284 (Keyser) Kiser, Michael (I8712)
285 (Kiblinger) Kublinger, Johann Daniel (I8704)
286 (Koontz Shuler Cemetery) Koontz, Elizabeth (I8812)
287 (last name given as Wills) Willis, Samuel (I10501)
288 (last name given as Wills) Willis, Jonathan (I10502)
289 (later called Mariam, and sometimes given as Marion) Fletcher, Miriam (I2533)
290 (license date) Family F1600
291 (Listed as born in WV, but 1828 was before WV was formed from VA.) Rosanna (I9738)
292 (Lonnie) Adkins, Lawney (I16745)
293 (MacInleister / became Fletcher) MacAnleister, John 7th Clan Chief (I8961)
294 (MacInleister / became Fletcher) MacAnleister, Patrick 6th Clan Chief (I8972)
295 (MacInleister / became Fletcher) MacAnleister, Archibald McEan V'Nychole 5th Clan Chief (I8973)
296 (MacInleister / became Fletcher) MacAnleister, John McNychole V'Angus 3rd Clan Chief (I8974)
297 (MacInleister / became Fletcher) MacAnleister, Nychole McEan 4th Clan Chief (I8975)
298 (MacInleister / became Fletcher) MacAnleister, Nychole 2nd Clan Chief (I8976)
299 (MacInleister / became Fletcher) MacAnleister, Angus 1st Clan Chief (I8977)
300 (Marlett) Mallett, Rebecca (I17313)

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