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2451 Unclear why this post-it note was included in the online file...keeping it in case it relates later on. Perhaps it pertains to sister Helen, and was simply posted on wrong person's datasheet.

Posted by: Phyllis Bloom Stice - (2003 email)

Helen Litherland was my great grandmother. She was born 12 Dec 1879, in Illinois, probably Grayville, but her death certificate shows Litchfield, which is a possibility. She married William Jefferson Roberts of Wabash Co., IL, sometime prior to May 1899, when my grandmother, Beatrice Alma Roberts, was born. Sometime after the birth of twins William Jefferson Roberts, Jr., and Sutter E. Roberts, born May 1902, Helen divorced and never remarried. She relocated in the 1920s with her daughter and her husband, Maurice M. Bloom, to Meadville, PA, then to Saegertown, Crawford Co., PA, where Helen died 21 Aug 1960. She is buried in Roselawn Cem, Saegertown, PA. (From her death certicate and records of Hunter Funeral Home, Saegertown, PA) 
LITHERLAND, Frances Elner (I3416)
2452 Undertaker: JH Bonsall; carcinoma of stomach; AB Bowyer MD; Informant: Rev. Pio Parolin. ZEN, John (I61)
2453 undocumented birth location? ELDREDGE, Mehitable (I1611)
2454 undocumented birth location? ELDREDGE, Bethia (I1617)
2455 Undoubtedly, these families are related; however relationships are unclear for families 60 & 61. In the 1900 U.S. Census image there are four consecutive families (58-61...see below), living in close proximity, with some clearly related and the others less clear but of the same surname. Families 58 & 59 are at one house number, and families 60 & 61 are at the next house number. Starting with family 58, the 4-digit house numbering is significantly different from preceding 2-digit house numbers on Hamburg Street, perhaps indicating a nearby street rather than Hamburg; however, the street name is not given. A short horizontal line is drawn across the street name field as though to indicate a new street or area.

Family 58: Otto Pokorny, wife, Marie, daughters, Clemintine and Arnosta, and orphan Albie Dolezal.

Family 59: Frank Sprosty, wife, Mary, and mother, Vorsila Maestrick.

Family 60: John Sprosty, wife, Alvisie, and servant, Josephine Dolejsi.

Family 61: Edward Sprosty and wife, Anna.

Edward Sprosty's death certificate indicates a residence on Dove Street.
2456 Unknown female, died young.
Per Jack Rebal Couch 
COUCH, unknown (I10463)
2457 unmarked grave at mouth of Bowen's Creek Adkins, Mary (I5395)
2458 Unsupported birth dates given were 1 Feb 1844 and 9 Jul 1844. Cowden, Deborah Ellen (I5621)
2459 Until the publication of Bradford's history it had been supposed, and so stated by severs1 historians, that the Pilgrim Howland married Governor Carver's daughter. Gencral tradition, lianded down in an unbrokcn line from the decease of the former in 1672, had uniformly and without question so declared. It is now said that Carver had no daughter, which, if true, affords a remarkable illustration of historic uncertainty. "Life and Recoll of John Howland (of RI)" 1857, p.9.

John Howland's Will
The Last Will and Testament of mr John howland of Plymouth late Deceased, exhibited to the Court held att Plymouth the fift Day of March Anno Dom 1672 on the oathes of mr Samuell ffuller and mr William Crow as followeth Know all men to whom these prsents shall Come That I John howland senir of the Towne of New Plymouth in the Collonie of New Plymouth in New England in America, this twenty ninth Day of May one thousand six hundred seaventy and two being of whole mind, and in Good and prfect memory and Remembrance praised be God; being now Grown aged; haveing many Infeirmities of body upon mee; and not Knowing how soon God will call mee out of this world, Doe make and ordaine these prsents to be my Testament Containing herein my last Will in manor and forme following;
Imp I Will and bequeath my body to the Dust and my soule to God that Gave it in hopes of a Joyfull Resurrection unto Glory; and as Concerning my temporall estate, I Dispose thereof as followeth; Item I Doe give and bequeath unto John howland my eldest sonne besides what lands I have alreddy given him, all my Right and Interest To that one hundred acres of land graunted mee by the Court lying on the eastern side of Tauton River; between Teticutt and Taunton bounds and all the appurtenances and privilidges Therunto belonging, T belonge to him and his heirs and assignes for ever; and if that Tract should faile, then to have all my Right title and Interest by and in that Last Court graunt to mee in any other place, To belonge to him his heires and assignes for ever; Item I give and bequeath unto my son Jabez howland all those my upland and Meadow That I now posesse at Satuckett and Paomett, and places adjacent, with all the appurtenances and privilidges, belonging therunto, and all my right title and Interest therin, To belonge to him his heires and assignes for ever, Item I Give and bequeath unto my son Jabez howland all that my one peece of land that I have lying on the southsyde of the Mill brooke, in the Towne of Plymouth aforsaid; be it more or lesse; and is on the Northsyde of a feild that is now Gyles Rickards senir To belonge to the said Jabez his heirs and assignes for ever; Item I give and bequeath unto Isacke howland my youngest sonne all those my uplands and meddows Devided and undivided with all the appurtenances and priviliges unto them belonging, lying and being in the Towne of Middlebery, and in a tract of Land Called the Majors Purchase near Namassakett Ponds; which I have bought and purchased of William White of Marshfeild in the Collonie of New Plymouth; which may or shall appeer by any Deed or writinges Together with the aformentioned prticulares To belonge to the said Isacke his heirs and assignes for ever; Item I give and bequeath unto my said son Isacke howland the one halfe of my twelve acree lott of Meddow That I now have att Winnatucsett River within the Towne of Plymouth aforsaid To belonge to him and said Isacke howland his heires and assignes for ever, Item I Will and bequeath unto my Deare and loveing wife Elizabeth howland the use and benifitt of my now Dwelling house in Rockey nooke in the Township of Plymouth aforsaid, with the outhousing lands, That is uplands uplands [sic] and meddow lands and all appurtenances and privilidges therunto belonging in the Towne of Plymouth and all other Lands housing and meddowes that I have in the said Towne of Plymouth excepting what meddow and upland I have before given To my sonnes Jabez and Isacke howland During her naturall life to Injoy make use of and Improve for her benifitt and Comfort; Item I give and bequeath unto my son Joseph howland after the Decease of my loveing wife Elizabeth howland my aforsaid Dwelling house att Rockey nooke together with all the outhousing uplands and Medowes appurtenances and privilidges belonging therunto; and all other housing uplands and meddowes appurtenances and privilidges That I have within the aforsaid Towne of New Plymouth excepting what lands and meadowes I have before Given To my two sonnes Jabez and Isacke; To belong to him the said Joseph howland To him and his heires and assignes for ever; Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Desire Gorum twenty shillings
Item I give and bequeath To my Daughter hope Chipman twenty shillings Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Elizabeth Dickenson twenty shillings Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Lydia Browne twenty shillings Item I give & bequeath to my Daughter hannah Bosworth twenty shillings Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Ruth Cushman twenty shillings Item I give to my Grandchild Elizabeth howland The Daughter of my son John howland twenty shillings Item my will is That these legacyes Given to my Daughters, be payed by my exequitrix in such species as shee thinketh meet; Item I will and bequeath unto my loveing wife Elizabeth howland, my Debts and legacyes being first payed my whole estate: vis: lands houses goods Chattles; or any thing else that belongeth or appertaineth unto mee, undisposed of be it either in Plymouth Duxburrow or Middlbery or any other place whatsoever; I Doe freely and absolutly give and bequeath it all to my Deare and loveing wife Elizabeth howland whom I Doe by these prsents, make ordaine and Constitute to be the sole exequitrix of this my Last will and Testament to see the same truely and faithfully prformed according to the tenour therof; In witness whereof I the said John howland senir have heerunto sett my hand and seale the aforsaid twenty ninth Day of May, one thousand six hundred seaventy and two 1672 Signed and sealed in the prsence of Samuel ffuller John Howland William Crow And a seale
Passenger list, Mayflower

From Mayflower inventory: musket, long gun, cutlass and belt, cow bells, chain, padlock, sauce pan, brass skillet, two red waistcoats, Holland shirt, two silk neckties, three hats, sheets, towels, blankets, featherbed, candlesticks.

The Division of Cattle, 1627 listed Howland: John, Elizabeth, John Jr., Desire (The fourth lot fell to John Howland & his company Joyned to him his this lot fell one of the 4 heyfers Came in the Jacob Raghorne.

Division of Land 1623 - These lye on the South side of the brook to the woodward opposite to the former (baywards) - John Howland 
HOWLAND, John (I945)
2460 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Goodner, Clifford Blaze (I10303)
2461 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Goodson, Robert Jaye (I7874)
2462 US Marine Corps Pinkerton, Gilmer Bravis (I11342)
2463 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Walling, Carl Denver (I9973)
2464 US Navy, Quarter Mater 3rd Class, USS Currituck (Flag Allowance; May 16, 1944 - May 17, 1946 Phillippine, Sea Frontier. Walling, Haskell Eugene (I9969)
2465 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Walling, Burl Junior (I9967)
2466 US Navy, WWII Speyers, Mary (I496)
2467 VA Common Law Family F25046
2468 Vern married a woman ?? Heckman, from Bethany, Oregon. She died in
His daughter was raised by Mamie and Ira Purdin.
2469 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. TEW, Vernon Jackson Jr. (I4267)
2470 very mixed up lineage of descendants given, including at least Anne, Ann, John, Mary, Margaret, Col. John.

unlinked from Anne Pynchon, as Anna is born 15193 and Anne 1590 
ANDREW, Anne Agnes (I5483)
2471 VFW Post 9097, Teays Valley, WV Schuler, Dorothy Marie (I7882)
2472 Virgil and Dorotha were married twice. Family F733
2473 Virgil? LITHERLAND, Virgirl Carlton (I3757)
2474 Vital Record of Rhode Island gives a birth date for Nathaniel of 23 Sep 1760. Information from his grave site in Beeman Cemetery, gives a birth date of 19 Oct 1760. Gallup, Nathaniel (I14048)
2475 Vol F page 259 Lic.# 67 Family F20738
2476 Walnut Hill Cemetery, Belleville, St. Clair County, IL
COUCH, Malinda (I2794)
2477 Walter de Clare, who having license from the king to enjoy all he could conquer in Wales, possessed Nether-Went. CLARE, Walter de Lord of Netherwent (I6839)
2478 Walter Marshal, 5th Earl of Pembroke. He had no little difficulty in obtaining livery of his inheritance, for when he came to do his homage, the king upbraided him with the injuries he had sustained from his predecessors. First, that Earl William, his father, had traitorously suffered Louis of France to escape out of England. Next, that Earl Richard, his brother, was a public enemy, and slain in fight as his enemy. That Gilbert, his brother, to whom at the instance of Edmund, Archbishop of Canterbury, he had more through grace than favor, vouchsafed livery of his lands, had against his expressed prohibition, met at the tournament, wherein he was killed. "And thou," continued the king, "in contempt of me, wast also there. With what face, therefore, canst thou lay claim to that inheritance?" Whereupon Walter replied: "Though I could give a reasonable answer to what you have said, nevertheless I refer myself solely to your highness. You have hitherto been gracious to me, and reputed me as one of your family, and not amongst the meanest of your servants. I never demerited your favor, but how, in being at this tournament with my brother, whom I could not deny; and if all who were there should be thus disinherited, you would raise no small disturbances in your realm. Far be it from a good king, that I should suffer for the faults of all, and that amongst so great a number be the first punished." The king soon after, through the intercession of the Bishop of Durham, vouchsafed him livery of the earldom and the marshal's office. He married Margaret Quincy, daughter of Robert de Quincy, but dying s. p. in 1245, was succeeded by his only remaining brother, Anseleme. MARSHAL, Walter 5th Earl of Pembroke (I6910)
2479 Waltheof, Earl of Hintingdon, was beheaded outside Westminster in May 1076. He was involved ina plot against William the Conqueror, along with Ralph de Gael, Earl of Norfolk, and Roger de Bretaeuil. the rebellion failed. Earl roger was imprisoned until he died; Earl Ralph left the country, leaving his wife to defend Norwich Castle, and Earl Waltheof met the headsman. At the time of the rebellion, William I was in France, but it was put down even before he could return to England. EARL OF NORTHUMBRIA, Waltheof II (I5802)
2480 Wanda Gaffke list her birth Abt. 1802. info as follows:
1. Sex Name
Born: 1800 Place: Of Perry, Indiana
Died: 17 Oct 1852 Place: New Boston, Perry, In
Buried: Place: Butler (hurst) Cemetary, New Boston, Perry, In 
LITHERLAND, Milbourn (I3791)
2481 Wanda Gafkke has birth as 1837 and name to be Eliza (Leacher/Lacer)

Kerry Armstrong (who posted GEDCOM) added post-em note 05/12/2005:

Eliza (Lacer) Willman Litherland
Date of Birth- 05 March 1837
Place of Birth- Lancaster Precinct, Wabash County, IL
Date of Death- 28 September 1901
Place of Death- Mt. Carmel, Wabash County, Illinois

(Seems this may be a different person or pertain to previous marriages. Nothing so far substantiating other names/dates.)...Doug Couch 01/02/2006
LESCHER, Eliza Williams (I4057)
2482 Washington Death Certificates, 1907-1960 Pinkerton, Leo Ellis (I11343)
2483 We have an old portrait of "The Mary Carter Family". Thanks to the wonderful help of a cousin, the wife of a descendant of Mary, she now has been indentified as Grandma's sister, with 2nd husband, George A. Wheeler and three of her children.
Note: In 1900, James Carter, the youngest son of Frances, was living with Mary and George Wheeler in Douglas County, KS. - Notes from Nancy Bowers family tree site. (Grandma refers to Bertha Caroline "Carrie" Carter. - Doug) 
Carter, Mary Melinda (I8677)
2484 Went to America about 1765 and returned about 1779. MACNAB, Flora (I2653)
2485 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F60
2486 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Melton, David Spencer (I8763)
2487 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Melton, Aaliyah Mon'e (I9020)
2488 When he was a year old, McNab was baptized ni the Anglican church in St. Mark's Parish of Newark. MacNab, Sir Allan Premier of the Province of Canada (I9270)
2489 When he was little, Romie ate all his food. When his mother remarked on it, he said "Im just a little piggy" Thats how he got his nickname. STRICKLAND, Romie Basil (I2038)
2490 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Thompson, Kristina Lacy Lee (I7898)
2491 When the 12th Chief of Clan Macnab died, he bequeathed all his heirlooms to Sir Allan MacNab, Bart., Prime Minister of the Province of Canada, whom he considered the next Chief. When Sir Allan's son was killed in a shooting accident in the Dominion, the chieftainship of Clan Macnab passed to the Macnabs of Arthurstone. [Note: Although occasionally referred to as Prime Minister by later authors, Sir Allan was the Premier of the Province of Canada (before the Canadian Confederation), rather than Prime Minister.] MacNab, Sir Allan Premier of the Province of Canada (I9270)
2492 Wife #1 - Hildegard of Savoy. She was 13 when she married Charlemagne, died at age 26 after having 9 children. OF SAVOY, Princess Hildegarde (I6051)
2493 Wife, ___ Stewart, is said to be Alexander's second cousin. Stewart (I9503)
2494 Wilbur (Webb) D. Litherland
LITHERLAND, Wilbur D. (I3090)
2495 Will 26 May 1604. Stewart, Robert of Broich (I9505)
2496 Will 8 Apr 1689, proved 2 Dec 1691; "Voyaging to England"; Mother Mary Couch;
brother Simon's eldest son; brother Samuel's eldest son.

All but birth information from:
"History & Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield"
by Donald Lines Jacobus, Eunice Dennie Burr Chapter DAR, Fairfield, CT, 1930.
Allen Co. Public Library, Ft. Wayne, IN. Gc 974.602 F161j
COUCH, Thomas (I2740)
2497 Will made 15 Feb 1528 in London, Middlesex, England. Pynchon, Nicholas (I11568)
2498 Will of Alexander Hendry dated 10 July 1819, Book C, p.171, probated at September Term 1845


Hendry, Alexander (I170)
2499 Will of August 19, 1787, proved September 18, 1787 (Berkeley County Will Book 1, p.460). Gerrard, Rev. John (I11808)
2500 Will of Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland
In ye Name of God Amen I Elizabeth Howland of Swanzey in ye County of Bristoll in ye Collony
of Plymouth in New Engld being Seventy nine yeares of Age but of good & perfect memory
thanks be to Allmighty God & calling to Remembrance ye uncertain Estate of this transitory Life
& that all fflesh must Yeild unto Death when it shall please God to call Doe make constitute &
ordaine & Declare This my last Will & Testament, in manner & forme following Revoking and
Anulling by these prsents all & every Testamt & Testamts Will & Wills heretofore by me made &
declared either by Word or Writing And this to be taken only for my last Will & Testament &
none other. And first being penitent & sorry from ye bottom of my heart for all my sinns past
most humbly desiring forgivenesse for ye same I give & Committ my soule unto Allmighty God
my Savior & redeemer in whome & by ye meritts of Jesus Christ I trust & believe assuredly to
be saved & to have full remission & forgivenesse of all my sins & that my Soule wt my Body at
the generall Day of Resurrection shall rise againe wt Joy & through ye meritts of Christs Death &
passion possesse & inheritt ye Kingdome of heaven prepared for his Elect & Chosen & my
Body to be buryed in such place where it shall please my Executrs hereafter named to appoint
And now for ye settling my temporall Estate & such goodes Chattells & Debts as it hath pleased
God far above my Deserts to bestow upon me I Do Dispose order & give ye same in manner &
forme following (That is to say) First that after my funerall Expences & Debts paid wc I owe
either of right or in Conscience to any manner of person or persons whatsoever in Convenient
tyme after my Decease by my Execrs hereafter named I Give & bequeath unto my Eldest Son
John Howland ye sum of five pounds to be paid out of my Estate & my Booke called Mr
Tindale's Workes & also one pair of sheetes & one pr of pillowbeeres & one pr of Bedblanketts,
Item I give unto my son Joseph Howland my Stillyards & also one pr of sheetes & one pr of
pillobeeres Item I give unto my son Jabez Howland my ffetherbed & boulster yt is in his Custody
& also one Rugg & two Blanketts yt belongeth to ye said Bed & also my great Iron pott &
potthookes Item I give unto my son Isaack Howland my Booke called Willson on ye Romanes &
one pr of sheetes & one paire of pillowbeeres & also my great Brasse Kettle already in his
possession Item I give unto my Son in Law Mr James Browne my great Bible Item I give &
bequeath unto my Daughter Lidia Browne my best ffeatherbed & Boulster two pillowes & three
Blanketts & a green Rugg & my small Cupboard one pr of AndyIrons & my lesser brasse Kettle
& my small Bible & my booke of mr Robbinsons Workes called Observations Divine & Morrall
& allso my finest pr of Sheetes & my holland pillowbeeres, Item I give unto my Daughter
Elisabeth Dickenson one pr of Sheetes & one pr of pillowbeeres & one Chest Item I give unto
my Daughter Hannah Bosworth one pr of sheets & one pr of pillowbeeres, Item I give unto my
Grand Daughter Elizabeth Bursley one paire of sheets and one paire of Pillowbeeres Item I give
& bequeath unto my Grandson Nathaniel Howland (the son of Joseph Howland) and to the
heires of his owne Body lawfully begotten for ever all that my Lott of Land with ye Meadow
thereunto adjoyning & belonging lying in the Township of Duxbury neare Jones River bridge,
Item I give unto my Grandson James Browne One Iron barr and on Iron Trammell now in his
possession, Item I give unto my Grandson Jabez Browne one Chest Item I give unto my Grand
Daughter Dorothy Browne my best Chest & my Warming pan Item I give unto my Grand
Daughter Desire Cushman four Sheep, Item I give & bequeath my wearing clothes linnen and
Woollen and all the rest of my Estate in mony Debts linnen or of what kind or nature or sort
soever it may be unto my three Daughters Elisabeth Dickenson, Lidia Browne and Hannah
Bosworth to be equally Devided amongst them, Item I make constitute and ordaine my loving
Son in Law James Browne and my loving son Jabez Howland Executors of this my last Will and
Testament, Item it is my Will & Charge to all my Children that they walke in ye Feare of ye Lord,
and in Love and peace towards each other and endeavour the true performance of this my last
Will & Testament In Witnesse whereof I the said Elizabeth Howland have hereunto sett my hand
& seale this seventeenth Day of December Anno Dm one thousand six hundred Eighty & six.
The mark of Elisabeth E H Howland
Signed Sealed & Delivd
in ye prsence of us Wittnesses
Hugh Cole
Samuel Vyall
John Browne

Passenger list, Mayflower 
TILLEY, Elizabeth (I946)

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