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251 (Joseph) Koontz, Johannes (I8769)
252 (Judith was the aunt of President Jefferson) Jefferson, Judith (I12012)
253 (Keyser) Kiser, Michael (I8712)
254 (Kiblinger) Kublinger, Johann Daniel (I8704)
255 (Koontz Shuler Cemetery) Koontz, Elizabeth (I8812)
256 (last name given as Wills) Willis, Samuel (I10501)
257 (last name given as Wills) Willis, Jonathan (I10502)
258 (license date) Family F1600
259 (Listed as born in WV, but 1828 was before WV was formed from VA.) Rosanna (I9738)
260 (Lonnie) Adkins, Lawney (I16745)
261 (MacInleister / became Fletcher) MacAnleister, John 7th Clan Chief (I8961)
262 (MacInleister / became Fletcher) MacAnleister, Patrick 6th Clan Chief (I8972)
263 (MacInleister / became Fletcher) MacAnleister, Archibald McEan V'Nychole 5th Clan Chief (I8973)
264 (MacInleister / became Fletcher) MacAnleister, John McNychole V'Angus 3rd Clan Chief (I8974)
265 (MacInleister / became Fletcher) MacAnleister, Nychole McEan 4th Clan Chief (I8975)
266 (MacInleister / became Fletcher) MacAnleister, Nychole 2nd Clan Chief (I8976)
267 (MacInleister / became Fletcher) MacAnleister, Angus 1st Clan Chief (I8977)
268 (marriage place unknown...probably Cornwall, England or Charles City, VA) Family F25159
269 (marriage records shows as Charleston, WV) Family F748
270 (Marriage, Book 7, Page 51, Daviess Co, IN) Family F1291
271 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F27019
272 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. COUCH, Eva Maye (I11411)
273 (Married to Lewis and is age 14 in 1880 census.) Catherine (I16536)
274 (married to _____?) Farrar, Cecily (I12046)
275 (Martha Novell) Nowell, Martha (I11980)
276 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Setliff, Mary E. (I11368)
277 (Mate of the Mayflower) Clarke, Thomas (I14288)
278 (may also be called Nancy) Emily Barrett (I14946)
279 (May be Elizabeth MacAuley of Ardincaple.) Ardincaple, Elizabeth (I9542)
280 (Meador) Meadows, Josiah (I7414)
281 (Meadows) Meador, Jonas (I7417)
282 (Memoir, p19) Lothropp, Rev. John the Pioneer (I14257)
283 (Memoir, p33) Lothropp, Rev. John the Pioneer (I14257)
284 (middle name as Wintermute said to come from an obituary, now lost to time) Hankinson, John Wintermute (I16205)
285 (middle name could be Lathrop) Nash, Lewis L. (I14034)
286 (middle name Jefferson unproven) Farrar, Thomas Jefferson (I4980)
287 (Minnie was niece to Lucinda) Whitehead, Elzie Mozelle (I12037)
288 (Mirah) Whaley, Maria (I14585)
289 (moved to Mecklenburg Co, VA, family intermarried with the Puryears) Farrar, George Sr. (I12011)
290 (Murray) Moray, Marion of Tullibardine (I9415)
291 (Myrick/Merrick) Myrick, Benjamin (I11284)
292 (name as Synthia Jane unproven...derived from ancestors) Farrar, Synthia Jane (I12055)
293 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Melton, Audrey Lucille (I8451)
294 (name unclear in document) Turley, Beny (I16966)
295 (named after Sinthia Lucinda Sisk Neal) Farrar, Sintha (I12038)
296 (Nancy) Jourdan, Nannie Catherine (I15962)
297 (Neal) Neel, William R. (I11981)
298 (Neal) Neel, Matury Jane (I12027)
299 (Neal) Neel, John (I12028)
300 (Neal) Neel, William (I12030)
301 (never married) PROUT, Maria (I4755)
302 (never married) Farrar, John (I12045)
303 (no children) Family F21272
304 (no issue) Family F27458
305 (not married) Melton, Clarence Wayne (I8450)
306 (not married) Ryder, Andrew Edward (I8931)
307 (not married) Ryder, Mary (I8932)
308 (not married) Ryder, Ermine Sylvester (I8933)
309 (not married) Family F770
310 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F27917
311 (note in 1870 census) King, Joseph J. (I109)
312 (Note: Birth date given for Mary Hendry Lamb previously given on this site as 10 Aug 1794.) Hendry, Mary (I148)
313 (Note: This is not James Harvey Wilkinson, listed as born 1857. Both show in the same census together.) Wilkinson, James H. (I13395)
314 (Now Grayson County) Walling, James W. I (I10070)
315 (Octavia is listed as a widow on the records of her marriage to William Horton) Smith, Floyd (I2033)
316 (of Dunans per Bernice Entail) Fletcher, Angus of Pubil (I8971)
317 (of Hurricane) Wheeler, Todd (I12658)
318 (of Jasper Co, GA) Webb, Sally (I11979)
319 (of Rawls) Geddie, Mary Catherine (I12052)
320 (on birth certificate, Lorenzo's middle name is given as Dow) Strickland, Lorenzo Dowel (I2075)
321 (One transcription of Edith's death record gives death place of Cranston, Providence Co, and another gives Providence, Providence Co.) Aldrich, Edith Jane (I11892)
322 (One transcription of this birth record gives June, another gives July.) Aldrich, Edward S. (I11893)
323 (only part of record obtained) Family F782
324 (or Germany) Stover, Jacob Sr. (I15077)
325 (or listed as at St. Cole) Family F27678
326 (or name = Persy) Gray, Perry (I12487)
327 (Perkepile) Perkepine, Mary (I8699)
328 (Perkepine, Perkepile, Purkey) Berckebeil, Christian (I8702)
329 (plot across road) Couch, Mollie Mae (I2746)
330 (plot across road) Nelson, Jesse William (I12360)
331 (Possible name, Crawford, Jane M., marriage to John Showalter, 2 Aug 1843, Tippecanoe County, IN.) Eliza Jane (I4440)
332 (possibly Charity) Scaggs, Charity (I15976)
333 (possibly died in 1901) Kelly, Francis Sidney (I7472)
334 (possibly Wollet) Watt, Lydia (I16394)
335 (previously given as Anabelle) Robinett, Annie Belle (I3101)
336 (previously given as Clinton M. Litherland) Litherland, Clinton Wood (I3100)
337 (Previously listed as a parent of Capt. Jonathan Pitman; which parentage is not supported by research.) Pittman, William (I1886)
338 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Kimble, Hannah (I1888)
339 (previously listed here as born 22 Mar 1833) Farrar, Martha (I4990)
340 (previously shown as Clinton M. Litherland) Litherland, Clinton Wood (I3100)
341 (probably Hodgson, like her father) Jodgson, Margram (I16845)
342 (probably Thomas or Joseph) Lindsay Mr. (I12545)
343 (Proctor Cemetery/Heaton Baptist Cemetery) Proctor, John Edward Sr. (I10942)
344 (Rubin) Kibler, Reuben (I9719)
345 (Sam's death certificate gives Lincoln County as the birthplace of Sam and both his parents.) EGNOR, Samuel Alexander (I5055)
346 (Sarah Farrar was William's cousin) Farrar, Sarah (I12000)
347 (Sarah's death also given as 10 Nov 1822, and death place as Upper Merryall, Litchfield Co, CT. However, since Sarah moved from CT to NY and had children there, it is more likely she died there, and she is listed as buried in NY as well.) KINNEY, Sarah (I2766)
348 (Scot-Mulatto) Julia (I12095)
349 (Sister of Sir Alexander Menzies of Weem) Menzies, Baronet Elizabeth of Weem (I9266)
350 (small unmarked stone near grave of husband, John A. Greathouse, Old Lancaster Cemetery) Darney, Ellen (I11850)
351 (some time in China) FLETCHER, Angus (I9328)
352 (Sometimes presented as P. Glenn Couch.) Couch, Glen (I2742)
353 (Stober, Stauber, Stauffer — The red border around Jacob's surname indicates this is updated information somewhat resolving previously posted ambiguous information.) Stover, Jacob Jr. (I5394)
354 (Straul) Strole, Christian Martin (I8708)
355 (Strickland is Catherine's maiden name per her son, Jesse's death certificate) Waggoner, Catharine Ann (I9761)
356 (Strole, Straul) Strohl, Peter (I8710)
357 (surname also given as Colbius) Colb, Johannes (I13967)
358 (surname also given as Kerns and Carnes) Kurns, Harold (I8416)
359 (surname also given as Kerns and Carnes) Kurns, Harold (I8416)
360 (surname also given as Kerns and Carnes) Kurns, Harold (I8416)
361 (surname may be Hudson) Houston, Ann (I7000)
362 (surname may be Hummer) Hammer, Jane (I6684)
363 (surname previously listed as Demson) Duncan, Hallene Mercedes (I4901)
364 (Tanan, Tarzen, Tarson) Atkins, Tarzan Edward (I9122)
365 (The marriage record of Ezmon & Martha Miller has "West" crossed out, making that entry to read "Va" as many others in the list. However, Boone County, West Virginia was not a Virginia county in 1880, and is deep inside West Virginia. Boone County was formed from other counties in 1847, and West Virginia was formed from Virginia in 1863, making Boone County, WV the correct location.) Family F327
366 (The red border around Mr. Oxford's surname indicates this is updated information somewhat resolving previously posted ambiguous information.)

Although most of Mary Adkins' children were fathered by Jacob Stover, Jr. per y-DNA findings and "best candidate" reasoning, her son, Jacob bore the surname Oxford per y-DNA findings. per research by Ralph Adkins 
Oxford Mr. (I15076)
367 (there are clearly birth date errors at a minimum for this line) Calthorpe, Judith (I11765)
368 (This may be Marengo, Iowa Co, IA, the county seat for that county. - Doug Couch note) Chritton, Gertrude (I10310)
369 (this second Sarah died unmarried) COUCH, Sarah (I9903)
370 (Thomas Jefferson Lamb, in earlier census as child Thomas)
1880 Census, Marion Township, Drew Co, AR
Jeff Lamb 22 white, farmer, born AR, parents born NC
= Lucy, born AR, wife
= Wallie, son
Family F1000
371 (Twin to Allen) Rutherford, Samuel (I7022)
372 (twin to brother, Doras) Richmond, Pvt. Raymond Oras (I16677)
373 (twin to brother, Oras) Richmond, Ralph Doras (I16678)
374 (twin to David) Adkins, William Jacob (I10519)
375 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Setliff, Maverick (I11372)
376 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Setliff, Mame (I11373)
377 (twin to Ralph) Richmond, Pvt. Raymond Oras (I16677)
378 (twin to Raymond) Richmond, Ralph Doras (I16678)
379 (Twin to Samuel.) Rutherford, Allen (I7023)
380 (twin to William) Adkins, David (I10518)
381 (undocumented birth place) HOPKINS, John (I4283)
382 (undocumented that Elizabeth's maiden name was CurtisElizabeth (I16210)
383 (unknown fourth son of Alan Fitz-Flaad) Fitz-Alan (I9604)
384 (unmarried) FLETCHER, Christian (I9347)
385 (unnamed son) Gallup (I14126)
386 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Winkler, Margaret Elmina (I11911)
387 (went by Arthur) Walling, Albert Arthur (I10051)
388 (Wife of W. Horton, mother of W.H. Horton b.1857) Holley, Mary E. (I11247)
389 (William is twin to Wilma) Setliff, William (I11400)
390 (Wilma is twin to William) Setliff, Wilma Frances (I11399)
391 (Wortman) Workman, Cornelius (I13551)
392 (Wortman) Workman, Isaac (I13538)
393 (Writer in Edinburgh per Bernice Entail) Fletcher, Archibald (I10636)
394 (writer referred to unknown)-
Since Plymouth Colony, many of this writers ancestors in every generation have been counted among the descenting "Old School Baptist." I offer the following as proof of this statement:

'Thomas Walling was one of those who "staid nd went not away" during the King Philip's War which began with an Indian attack on Swansea in Plymouth Colony near Rhode Island border.

'The first massacre came on 18 June 1675 as the colonists were returning home from a Fast Day Servcie at their church. Other attackes followed swiftly: Dartmouth, Taunton, nd Middleboro.

'The Indian who instigated the attacks was Metacomet, also called King Philip. He was the third son of Massasoit Chief of Wampanoags and leader of a League of Indians from Maine to Connecticut.' " 
Walling, Thomas I (I10076)
395 - Notation in 1920 Michigan Census: Immigration in 1909 (Alien), born Holland.

- Margaretha Koller Speyers immigrated to the U.S. in 1911 (per 1930 Census). 
Koller, Geertje Margaretha (I4180)
396 06-30-1913 Microfilm


Former Resident of This County Dies in Iowa

Word has been received here of the death in Idaho of Rev. Alexander Litherland. The body will be shipped here for burial arriving on the 4:19 train Friday afternoon and burial will be at Nye Chapel Saturday.

Rev. Litherland was formerly a resident of this county, having lived in the vicinity of Friendsville. He left here for Idaho many years ago. He has a number of relatives throughout the county.

Rev. Litherland was years ago pastor of the Wabash church at Orio.

A message received by Mrs. Nancy Stoltz, the deceased's sister, says death was due to heart failure. The body, on arrival here will be taken to the home of Jesse Stoltz, 1122 Chestnut Street.

(Note: Title states death was in Iowa, but text states he died in Idaho.) 
LITHERLAND, Alexander (I4055)
397 1734 Abstract of Last Will & Testament, Peter Burgany:

Feb 26, 1734. May 20, 1735. Deed.Bk. 2, p. 95-96.
“To my mother Mica Parker, 13 hogs. To my brother, Wm. Floyd, 200 acres land in Goochland in my name; also my horse bridle, saddle and wearing clothes. Exec: brother, William Floyd. Wit: Hutchins Burton, John Eales.”

Note: Confirmation that Peter Burgany's mother's surname was Parker before he died. 
Burgany, Peter (I15863)
398 1781 - "He was captured by a war party of the Delawares in the early part of the summer of 1781, being then eleven years of age." William was adopted by the Delawares and later transferred to the Wyandotts (who considered themselves as Uncles to the Delawares). Walker, William Sr. (I7088)
399 1813 date from exact 44 years, 2 months, 24 days at death in 1857. Other date given: 24 Oct. 1812. Newhouse, Mary (I9259)
400 1850 Census shows Peter Patrick as Patrick, clearly with his age 76, but should only be around 63-64 at the time. 1860 Census shows him at 74, which should be about next door to his son William King Cromartie age 32 (who lived with him in 1850 age 22). CROMARTIE, Peter Patrick (I592)

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