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51 (2nd wife of Jacob, son of William V. Adkins/Atkinson) Family F25069
52 (3rd wife of Jacob, son of William V. Adkins/Atkinson)
Family F25072
53 (Alexander's Bible shows this marriage as in January 1851) Family F4329
54 (also as Adel Rafter) Rafter, Adel M. (I217)
55 (also given as "City") Ruark, Siddy C. (I12128)
56 (also given as "Daniel F.") Bordeaux, Daniel Thomas (I505)
57 (also given as "John D.") MCDOUGALD, John H. (I9689)
58 (also given as "Lamont G.") Bordeaux, Giles Lamont (I506)
59 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. McDougald, Letha Blanche (I515)
60 (also given as "Rebecca A.") BORDEAUX, Alice Rebecca (I504)
61 (also given as 10th of Glenbuckie) Stewart, Duncan 8th of Glenbuckie (I9483)
62 (also given as 11th of Glenbuckie) Stewart, John 9th of Glenbuckie (I9471)
63 (also given as 1823) MCFARLAND, Alzina (I3543)
64 (also given as 22 Nov 1806) Couch, Ira (I3309)
65 (also given as 7th of Glenbuckie) Stewart, Duncan 5th of Glenbuckie (I9493)
66 (also given as 8-27-1909) MCFARLAND, Alzina (I3543)
67 (also given as 9th of Glenbuckie) Stewart, Alexander 7th of Glenbuckie (I9485)
68 (also given as Anne Willis) Wyllys, Amy (I11528)
69 (also given as Archibald Harris Egnor) Egnor, Archibald M Harrison (I5066)
70 (also given as Barbary E. Kibler) Kibler, Barbara Ellen (I8722)
71 (also given as Barthena Cummins) Cummins, Arsena D. (I8735)
72 (also given as born 1584) ADKINS, Thomas (I5686)
73 (also given as born in 1744) Miller, Barbary (I10613)
74 (also given as born in 1873) Cromartie, Catherine Narcisa (I1144)
75 (also given as Catharine Narcessa on death certificate) Cromartie, Catherine Narcisa (I1144)
76 (also given as Catherine Weaver) Weber, Katherina (I8778)
77 (also given as Cornefix) Carnifax, William (I13304)
78 (also given as Dannel) CROMARTIE, Daniel Washington (I1080)
79 (also given as Dannel) Cromartie, Daniel W. (I9668)
80 (also given as Dellar) Cromartie, Della May (I1145)
81 (also given as died 1829) Buckles, Rev. John (I11703)
82 (also given as died 7 Sep 1879, the 1892 date is recorded in Alexander Cromartie's Bible) CROMARTIE, Daniel Washington (I1080)
83 (also given as Edwin John) FLETCHER, John Edwin (I2595)
84 (also given as Ellenor) FAISON, Eleanor Juliet (I1130)
85 (also given as Emmeline Dawnay) DAUNEY, Emmeline (I7756)
86 (also given as Euranus, possible nickname of Rene) LAMB, David Eurenus (I327)
87 (also given as Gerard, Gerrard, Garrard) Gerrard, Sarah (I11704)
88 (also given as Hext) Heft, Fred W. (I9087)
89 (also given as John W. Prout in Orio cemetery listings for his children, Maria Prout and Edward Nelson Prout) PROUT, John T. (I4754)
90 (also given as Mar 19) TUCKER, Horace Henry (I884)
91 (also given as Mary J) Hall, Marian J. Bertha (I2285)
92 (also given as May 1868) Cromartie, Charles Duncan (I1140)
93 (also given as Mayde) CROMARTIE, Maude (I1062)
94 (Also given as Mittie) THORN, Meitty (I9703)
95 (Also given as Octavy & Octaby.) EGNOR, Octavia (I4552)
96 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. COUCH, Ora Alice (I2284)
97 (also given as Reetha Ann...but Retha E. is on her gravestone) Given, Retha Ethel (I2082)
98 (also given as Ruth Ann) Boggess, Cornelia Ruth (I10653)
99 (also given as Stellar) Cromartie, Stella Mae (I1147)
100 (also given as surname Briane) Bryant, Mary Polly (I5063)

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