Boone Co, WV


Tree: adkinshorton
Latitude: 37.9838605, Longitude: -81.7349420


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adkins, Jeff  Abt 1864Boone Co, WV I14897 adkinshorton 
2 ADKINS, Liken  May 1855Boone Co, WV I5454 adkinshorton 
3 Adkins, Mary  Abt 1865Boone Co, WV I14898 adkinshorton 
4 Adkins, Valery Frances  Abt 1864Boone Co, WV I14896 adkinshorton 
5 ADKINS, Victoria  7 Aug 1864Boone Co, WV I5451 adkinshorton 
6 Miller, Ira James  5 Aug 1895Boone Co, WV I13237 adkinshorton 
7 Miller, James Riley  13 Dec 1853Boone Co, WV I13262 adkinshorton 
8 Miller, Martha A.  Dec 1865Boone Co, WV I13231 adkinshorton 
9 Miller, Melvin  19 Dec 1894Boone Co, WV I13247 adkinshorton 
10 Miller, Rozena J.  13 Aug 1862Boone Co, WV I13397 adkinshorton 
11 Plumley, Squire Asbury  1860Boone Co, WV I5076 adkinshorton 
12 Woodrum, Lydia N.  Feb 1871Boone Co, WV I5036 adkinshorton 
13 WOODRUM, Mary R.  Feb 1866Boone Co, WV I5273 adkinshorton 


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adkins, Adelphia  Aft 1870Boone Co, WV I7447 adkinshorton 
2 Adkins, John  Aft 1864Boone Co, WV I7450 adkinshorton 
3 ESTEP, Nancy  Nov 1893Boone Co, WV I5033 adkinshorton 
4 Miller, Barbara  10 Apr 1886Boone Co, WV I13269 adkinshorton 
5 Miller, Benton John  1911Boone Co, WV I13400 adkinshorton 
6 Miller, Caperton  9 Feb 1937Boone Co, WV I13258 adkinshorton 
7 Miller, Daniel  1867Boone Co, WV I13263 adkinshorton 
8 Miller, Daniel M.  29 Oct 1888Boone Co, WV I13239 adkinshorton 
9 Miller, Floyd  25 May 1931Boone Co, WV I13294 adkinshorton 
10 Miller, George  24 Apr 1905Boone Co, WV I13280 adkinshorton 
11 Miller, James  24 Mar 1912Boone Co, WV I13282 adkinshorton 
12 Miller, John  Jan 1870Boone Co, WV I13245 adkinshorton 
13 Miller, Louisa B.  3 Apr 1922Boone Co, WV I13317 adkinshorton 
14 Miller, Melvin  3 Jan 1985Boone Co, WV I13247 adkinshorton 
15 Miller, Moses  1863Boone Co, WV I13316 adkinshorton 
16 Miller, Peter  8 Feb 1899Boone Co, WV I13290 adkinshorton 
17 Miller, Rachel  5 Nov 1913Boone Co, WV I13295 adkinshorton 
18 Miller, Venila E.  13 Sep 1872Boone Co, WV I13256 adkinshorton 
19 Miller, William J.  6 Feb 1870Boone Co, WV I13288 adkinshorton 
20 Mitchell, Agnes  17 Mar 1876Boone Co, WV I13240 adkinshorton 
21 WOODRUM, Burwell  27 Aug 1888Boone Co, WV I5269 adkinshorton 
22 WOODRUM, Harvey D.  1903Boone Co, WV I5032 adkinshorton 
23 Woodrum, Lydia N.  26 Dec 1934Boone Co, WV I5036 adkinshorton 


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Havens / Plumley  16 Feb 1866Boone Co, WV F805 adkinshorton 
2 Miller / Adkins  10 Apr 1965Boone Co, WV F797 adkinshorton 
3 Miller / Miller  3 Aug 1880Boone Co, WV F327 adkinshorton 
4 Miller / Pauley  8 May 1902Boone Co, WV F27525 adkinshorton 
5 Miller / Sheets  2 Oct 1878Boone Co, WV F386 adkinshorton 
6 Pauley / Miller  15 Apr 1879Boone Co, WV F382 adkinshorton 
7 Plumley / Adkins  25 Feb 1867Boone Co, WV F806 adkinshorton 
8 Plumley / Harless  7 Mar 1955Boone Co, WV F317 adkinshorton 
9 Sias / Plumley  15 Mar 1866Boone Co, WV F807 adkinshorton 
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