Drew Co, AR



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bordeaux, Daniel Thomas  12 Apr 1888Drew Co, AR I505 adkinshorton 
2 Gill, Emmett Oscar  27 Nov 1880Drew Co, AR I558 adkinshorton 
3 Harris, Jabus Garland  23 Dec 1880Drew Co, Ar I13864 adkinshorton 
4 Harris, James K.  13 Jan 1855Drew Co, Ar I13841 adkinshorton 
5 Harris, Vophie Barker  13 Feb 1887Drew Co, Ar I13866 adkinshorton 
6 Harris, William Albert  10 Apr 1876Drew Co, Ar I13863 adkinshorton 
7 King, Ada  1878Drew Co, AR I110 adkinshorton 
8 King, Albert  26 Jan 1854Drew Co, AR I100 adkinshorton 
9 King, Anna  25 Jul 1863Drew Co, AR I105 adkinshorton 
10 King, Henry Neely  1851Drew Co, AR I97 adkinshorton 
11 King, James E.  09 Nov 1865Drew Co, AR I106 adkinshorton 
12 King, Jesse Columbus  1853Drew Co, AR I99 adkinshorton 
13 King, Laura  1860Drew Co, AR I103 adkinshorton 
14 King, Mary Elizabeth  29 Jan 1856Drew Co, AR I101 adkinshorton 
15 King, Ophelia  19 Oct 1857Drew Co, AR I102 adkinshorton 
16 King, Sanford Newton  11 Jan 1874Drew Co, AR I108 adkinshorton 
17 Lamb, Caladonia Cicero  04 Mar 1856Drew Co, AR I115 adkinshorton 
18 Lamb, Catherine  1870Drew Co, AR I127 adkinshorton 
19 Lamb, Flavelia Victoria  02 Jun 1853Drew Co, AR I113 adkinshorton 
20 Lamb, Isaac David  1867Drew Co, AR I122 adkinshorton 
21 Lamb, John Gaines  1860Drew Co, AR I119 adkinshorton 
22 Lamb, Nercie Virginia  1863Drew Co, AR I120 adkinshorton 
23 Lamb, Thankful  17 Sep 1868Drew Co, AR I123 adkinshorton 
24 Lamb, Thomas Jefferson  18 Apr 1858Drew Co, AR I117 adkinshorton 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth  01 Feb 1863Drew Co, AR I138 adkinshorton 
2 Barnett, Deborah Ann  2 Jan 1889Drew Co, AR I328 adkinshorton 
3 Bassett, Elizbeth M.  9 Dec 1895Drew Co, AR I13257 adkinshorton 
4 Bassett, Sarah M.  6 May 1906Drew Co, AR I13836 adkinshorton 
5 Bishop, Nancy Adella Bethune  2 Jan 1938Drew Co, AR I9785 adkinshorton 
6 Bordeaux, Daniel T.   I9687 adkinshorton 
7 Clower, Rebecca  5 Aug 1874Drew Co, AR I13831 adkinshorton 
8 Gibson, Thomas M.  16 Jun 1893Drew Co, AR I13844 adkinshorton 
9 Gill, Emmett Oscar  26 Jun 1949Drew Co, AR I558 adkinshorton 
10 Gladney, Elizabeth P.  23 Mar 1878Drew Co, AR I13845 adkinshorton 
11 GRISHAM, Myrtle Catherine  23 Apr 1925Drew Co, AR I557 adkinshorton 
12 Hall, Sarah Francis  9 Feb 1888Drew Co, AR I13838 adkinshorton 
13 Harris, Daniel Clowers  6 Jun 1930Drew Co, AR I3405 adkinshorton 
14 Harris, James T.  12 Aug 1868Drew Co, AR I13835 adkinshorton 
15 King, Albert  21 Sep 1878Drew Co, AR I100 adkinshorton 
16 King, Anna  08 Jul 1871Drew Co, AR I105 adkinshorton 
17 King, Mary Elizabeth  13 Sep 1883Drew Co, AR I101 adkinshorton 
18 King, Matthew J.  21 Nov 1890Drew Co, AR I95 adkinshorton 
19 King, Ophelia  04 Nov 1866Drew Co, AR I102 adkinshorton 
20 King, Sanford Newton  07 Dec 1951Drew Co, AR I108 adkinshorton 
21 LAMB, David Eurenus  05 Nov 1902Drew Co, AR I327 adkinshorton 
22 Lamb, Isabella Catherine  27 May 1903Drew Co, AR I159 adkinshorton 
23 LAMB, John Aaron Quitman  14 Sep 1863Drew Co, AR I323 adkinshorton 
24 LAMB, Sarah Adaline  20 Feb 1889Drew Co, AR I321 adkinshorton 
25 LAMB, Thomas Washington  27 Aug 1881Drew Co, AR I326 adkinshorton 
26 LAMB, William Haywood  31 Aug 1884Drew Co, AR I315 adkinshorton 
27 LYLE, Thomas  25 Jan 1892Drew Co, AR I535 adkinshorton 
28 Newton, Caroline  27 Oct 1880Drew Co, AR I96 adkinshorton 
29 Newton, Jesse W.  03 Dec 1865Drew Co, AR I137 adkinshorton 
30 Willis, William Jesse  8 Oct 1901Drew Co, AR I13837 adkinshorton 


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bordeaux / Lamb  18 Aug 1868Drew Co, AR F1669 adkinshorton 
2 ERWIN / LAMB  18 Jan 1871Drew Co, AR F1672 adkinshorton 
3 Gill /   1871Drew Co, AR F28007 adkinshorton 
4 Gill / GRISHAM  23 Aug 1905Drew Co, AR F2595 adkinshorton 
5 GRISHAM / LAMB  18 Dec 1873Drew Co, AR F1678 adkinshorton 
6 King / Newton  23 May 1850Drew Co, AR F918 adkinshorton 
7 LAMB / Barnett  20 Dec 1887Drew Co, AR F1690 adkinshorton 
8 LAMB / ERWIN  22 Jan 1868Drew Co, AR F1587 adkinshorton 
9 SKINNER / LAMB  28 Feb 1867Drew Co, AR F1666 adkinshorton 
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