Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ANDREWS, John  27 Sep 1646Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I4469 adkinshorton 
2 ANDREWS, Mary Frances  Abt 1645Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I2772 adkinshorton 
3 Couch, Deborah  30 Mar 1710Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I3262 adkinshorton 
4 COUCH, Eunice  Bef 2 Mar 1706/07Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I2718 adkinshorton 
5 Couch, Gideon  14 Sep 1757Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I3244 adkinshorton 
6 COUCH, Hannah  Abt 1671Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I2682 adkinshorton 
7 COUCH, Isabel  17 Sep 1708Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I3260 adkinshorton 
8 COUCH, Sarah  1 Dec 1723Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I3178 adkinshorton 
9 COUCH, Simon II  1669Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I2681 adkinshorton 
10 Couch, Thomas II  28 Nov 1725Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I3179 adkinshorton 
11 Couch, Thomas III  1 Feb 1751Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I3181 adkinshorton 
12 Gilbert, Benjamin  1664Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I14326 adkinshorton 
13 NICHOLS, Esther  18 Dec 1689Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I4514 adkinshorton 
14 ROWLAND, Elizabeth  Abt 1651Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I4511 adkinshorton 
15 SMITH, Anna  1625Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I2684 adkinshorton 
16 SMITH, Giles  1604Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I4473 adkinshorton 
17 WHEELER, David  Abt 1689Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I4512 adkinshorton 


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Couch, Abigail  3 May 1696Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I3257 adkinshorton 
2 COUCH, Abigail  4 Sep 1715Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I2716 adkinshorton 
3 Couch, Benjamin  27 Dec 1702Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I2712 adkinshorton 
4 Couch, Deborah  14 May 1710Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I3262 adkinshorton 
5 Couch, Ebenezer Sr.  Apr 1709Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I2767 adkinshorton 
6 COUCH, Edra  7 Aug 1698Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I2687 adkinshorton 
7 COUCH, Elizabeth  22 Jul 1711Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I2714 adkinshorton 
8 COUCH, Eunice  2 Mar 1706/07Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I2718 adkinshorton 
9 Couch, Hannah  27 Aug 1699Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I11595 adkinshorton 
10 COUCH, Isabel  17 Oct 1708Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I3260 adkinshorton 
11 COUCH, Martha  18 Feb 1704/05Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I2713 adkinshorton 
12 COUCH, Mary  3 May 1696Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I2686 adkinshorton 
13 COUCH, Samuel  22 Sep 1700Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I2711 adkinshorton 
14 Couch, Sarah  12 May 1706Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I3259 adkinshorton 
15 Couch, Simon III  15 Aug 1697Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I3265 adkinshorton 
16 Couch, Solomon  24 May 1713Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I2715 adkinshorton 
17 Couch, Thomas  3 May 1696Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I3176 adkinshorton 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ANDREWS, Francis  5 Mar 1662Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I2683 adkinshorton 
2 ANDREWS, John  1683Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I4469 adkinshorton 
3 ANDREWS, Mary Frances  1691Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I2772 adkinshorton 
4 COLEY, David  23 Jun 1802Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I4920 adkinshorton 
5 COLEY, Peter Sr.  1690Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I4948 adkinshorton 
6 COUCH, Isabel  7 Nov 1754Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I3260 adkinshorton 
7 Gilbert, Benjamin  1 Jul 1693Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I14326 adkinshorton 
8 ROWLAND, Elizabeth  Mar 1702/3Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I4511 adkinshorton 
9 SMITH, Anna  5 Mar 1661/62Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I2684 adkinshorton 
10 SMITH, Giles  12 Jan 1669Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I4473 adkinshorton 
11 WHEELER, David  18 Apr 1775Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I4512 adkinshorton 
12 WHEELER, John  5 Apr 1690Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I4507 adkinshorton 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 SMITH, Giles  Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT I4473 adkinshorton 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 COLEY / HYDE  16 Dec 1740Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT F24865 adkinshorton 
2 Couch / Allen  7 Dec 1721Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT F21398 adkinshorton 
3 Couch / CRANE  18 May 1731Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT F20099 adkinshorton 
4 Couch / JESSUP  22 Feb 1749/50Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT F21401 adkinshorton 
5 COUCH / STURGES  13 Sep 1726Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT F18738 adkinshorton 
6 JACKSON / COUCH  Nov 1727Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT F18919 adkinshorton 
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