Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Gladys  Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I8902
2 BUCHANAN, Elizabeth  1840Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3495
3 BUCHANAN, Harrison J.  1857Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3523
4 BUCHANAN, Lydia Marie  8 Mar 1830Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3492
5 BUCHANAN, Nancy E.  1858Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3524
6 BUCHANAN, Urima E.  1859Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3525
7 COUCH, Elva Elizabeth  27 Apr 1884Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3001
8 LITHERLAND, Ada  1860Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3644
9 LITHERLAND, Amy  1835Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3489
10 LITHERLAND, Armor Elisha  9 Jun 1875Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3557
11 LITHERLAND, Bell  1873Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3554
12 LITHERLAND, Bertha  8 Oct 1861Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3708
13 LITHERLAND, Cathryn Elner  1882Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3420
14 LITHERLAND, Charles  Abt 1872Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3592
15 LITHERLAND, Charles Francis O.  31 Nov 1866Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3114
16 Litherland, Clinton Wood  09 Aug 1870Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3100
17 LITHERLAND, Cora May  Dec 1892Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3713
18 LITHERLAND, Day  1862Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3645
19 LITHERLAND, Della  1871Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3612
20 LITHERLAND, Dock  1873Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I4060
21 LITHERLAND, Dora  1880Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3656
22 LITHERLAND, Ebenezer Couch  11 Apr 1835Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3406
23 LITHERLAND, Edith M.  1880Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3988
24 LITHERLAND, Elizabeth Catherine  Apr 1870Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3115
25 LITHERLAND, Ellsworth  Dec 1894Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3714
26 LITHERLAND, Etta May  1866Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3710
27 LITHERLAND, Flora Mae  1872Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3121
28 LITHERLAND, Francis B.  1863Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3608
29 LITHERLAND, George  1849Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3639
30 LITHERLAND, George David  Abt 1879Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3595
31 LITHERLAND, George Ogle  26 Dec 1833Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3086
32 LITHERLAND, George W.  1841Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3408
33 LITHERLAND, Georgiana  28 Jun 1850Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3703
34 LITHERLAND, Gilbert H.  Aug 1897Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3715
35 LITHERLAND, Harriet Asenath  1877Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3418
36 LITHERLAND, Harriet Jane  1 May 1870Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3117
37 LITHERLAND, Harry  1876Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I4061
38 LITHERLAND, Helen  1880Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3419
39 LITHERLAND, Herschel  1878Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3987
40 LITHERLAND, Ira  1829Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3486
41 LITHERLAND, Ira  1874Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3654
42 LITHERLAND, Jacob  1838Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3585
43 LITHERLAND, James A.  Jun 1851Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3640
44 LITHERLAND, James Alexander  23 Jun 1845Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3410
45 LITHERLAND, James Buchanan  10 Feb 1857Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3706
46 LITHERLAND, James E.  Abt 1874Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3593
47 LITHERLAND, James Roscoe  Oct 1889Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3712
48 LITHERLAND, Jane  3 Apr 1838Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3107
49 LITHERLAND, John  1869Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3611
50 LITHERLAND, John A.  Abt 1876Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3594
51 LITHERLAND, John D.  23 Apr 1841Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3583
52 LITHERLAND, John McFarland  3 May 1846Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3555
53 LITHERLAND, John Wesley  05 Apr 1837Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3407
54 LITHERLAND, Jonathan Samuel  4 Feb 1864Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3679
55 LITHERLAND, Joseph  25 Mar 1841Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3112
56 LITHERLAND, Joseph F.  1855Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3642
57 Litherland, Joseph T.  09 Dec 1865Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3091
58 LITHERLAND, Katie  Aug 1887Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3658
59 LITHERLAND, Lawrence  Feb 1894Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3660
60 LITHERLAND, Leah  3 Sep 1831Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3071
61 LITHERLAND, Lenora M.  31 May 1895Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3093
62 LITHERLAND, Lesley  Jul 1891Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3659
63 LITHERLAND, Louisa  26 Dec 1847Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3702
64 LITHERLAND, Lucille J.  18 Jan 1905Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3098
65 LITHERLAND, Mamie A.  1889Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3467
66 LITHERLAND, Margory Aren  1876Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3698
67 LITHERLAND, Marilla  1859Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3707
68 LITHERLAND, Mark  1870Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I4059
69 LITHERLAND, Martha  Abt 1837Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3490
70 LITHERLAND, Mary  25 Mar 1841Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3108
71 LITHERLAND, Mary C.  1865Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3589
72 LITHERLAND, Mary J.  1865Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3609
73 LITHERLAND, Mary Jane  4 Apr 1843Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3544
74 LITHERLAND, Mary L.  1850Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3412
75 LITHERLAND, Mary M.  1870Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3552
76 LITHERLAND, May C.  Jun 1882Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3657
77 LITHERLAND, May D.  1868Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3985
78 LITHERLAND, Melinda  1840Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3532
79 LITHERLAND, Minnie  1867Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3415
80 LITHERLAND, Nannie L.  1867Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3551
81 LITHERLAND, Niles H.  1875Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3613
82 LITHERLAND, Norman E.  7 Sep 1866Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3426
83 LITHERLAND, Nye  13 Jul 1872Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I4056
84 LITHERLAND, Orris Clyde  1 Oct 1868Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3428
85 LITHERLAND, Paul H.  18 Dec 1903Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3097
86 LITHERLAND, Pearl  1888Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3422
87 LITHERLAND, Robert  1867Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3610
88 LITHERLAND, Robert A.  13 Oct 1863Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3709
89 LITHERLAND, Rosetta  1898Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3717
90 LITHERLAND, Samuel Hardin  1868Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3590
91 LITHERLAND, Sarah Catharine  25 Feb 1855Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3705
92 LITHERLAND, Sarah Elizabeth  1831Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3488
93 LITHERLAND, Stephen Arnold  Dec 1857Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3643
94 LITHERLAND, Susan  1885Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3421
95 LITHERLAND, Thomas  13 Jun 1852Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3704
96 LITHERLAND, Thor F.  1872Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3553
97 LITHERLAND, Vern Harland  9 Apr 1881Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3445
98 LITHERLAND, Wilbur D.  27 Aug 1862Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3090
99 LITHERLAND, William  20 Apr 1836Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3106
100 LITHERLAND, William  1876Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3655
101 LITHERLAND, William Frank  4 Oct 1853Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3641
102 LITHERLAND, William Franklin  4 Jun 1844Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3549
103 LITHERLAND, William H.  1897Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3622
104 LITHERLAND, William J.  1843Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3409
105 LITHERLAND, William Joshua  Abt 1869Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3591
106 LOCKWOOD, Newton Alvey  7 Jul 1850Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3497
107 LOCKWOOD, Sina Roseta  24 Jan 1852Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3498
108 LOCKWOOD, William Allen  26 Mar 1856Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3500


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 LITHERLAND, Jonathan  18 Mar 1885Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3673
2 LITHERLAND, Lenora M.  24 Jul 1895Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I3093
3 Mills, William Kelly  1 Apr 1927Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL I15996
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